Posted November 19, 2023

We met Antonio* and his mom in October 2022, while looking for patient candidates for a medical team that was visiting. Interplast West Virginia, led by Dr. Dave Fogarty, brought an 11-member Plastic Surgery team to the Jaime Mota Hospital in Barahona. The team set out to perform reconstructive surgery to treat issues such as cleft lips, palates, post-trauma face injuries, burn reconstruction, and wound coverage.

Antonio was about 2-1/2 years old at the time, and was born with hypospadias, a condition involving his urethra. His family did not have the financial resources needed to travel to Santo Domingo for the procedure.

Antonio’s mom had heard about the plastic surgery team and hoped the team could provide the surgery to correct his condition. Unfortunately, Antonio’s procedure was not a good fit for the team due to follow-up surgeries that would have to be performed.

Wanting to help, we promised the family we would do what we could to get Antonio treated. This spring, we contacted Solid Rock International (SRI), to ask if they could help with Antonio’s need. SRI supports a private, Christian clinic in San Juan, which is about 90 minutes north of Barahona.

After a couple of initial calls, then a consult with Antonio at the clinic, they agreed to perform the procedure. Antonio had his first surgery on July 4, has been seen for a couple of follow-up checks, and is doing well.

We are grateful to SRI and The Christian Clinic for Integral Health for providing the services for Antonio at no cost to his family! Our staff (Ricardo & Wilton) has provided transportation and assisted with pharmacy needs. Wilton has connected the family to his church for Antonio’s school and other needs, and will continue to follow up with the family.

Please pray for Antonio’s continued recovery and for God’s providence and blessing on his life!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

(L-R) Antonio’s mom; Antonio; Sarah Heinz, SRI Medical Coordinator; Wilton Gomez; Jeff Bucher, SRI In-Country Director