“I Was in Prison and You Visited Me”

Posted March 3, 2024

In downtown Barahona, the National Police of the Dominican Republic operates a jail. Like jails in most cities, the facility houses individuals who have been charged with crimes and are awaiting their trial, and those who have been convicted of a crime, awaiting their sentence or transfer to a prison.

Last December, Ricardo, our Manager in the DR, responded to a longtime call from God to visit the jail.  Ricardo coordinated the visit with officials at the jail, who were very welcoming. Wilton, our Director of Evangelism and Social Action, and Pastor Ramón joined Ricardo for the visit.  A musician from Wilton’s church also participated.

Wilton leads a time of prayer during
a recent visit to the Barahona jail.

Our team visited the residents in one of two sections of the jail, as directed by officials. During their visit, Wilton & Pastor Ramón shared messages, led a time of praise & worship, and offered prayer for the men.

Very little is provided to men who are incarcerated, and they must provide their own personal hygiene goods as well as cleaning supplies. As part of the visit, Ricardo and the team brought soaps and other personal goods, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies for the men. The men were very appreciative of the visit and gifts, and eagerly participated in the teaching & worship program.

Barahona is the closest city to most of the batey communities served by our ministry, so any men arrested in these communities would likely be brought to the Barahona jail.

Pastor Ramón (L) and Wilton (C) lead
worship with volunteer during visit.

The visit took an emotional turn for Pastor Ramón when he saw two young men from his community of Los Robles. He had not seen the young men in the community for some time. When he asked the boys’ mother about them, she told him they moved to another city for work. He spoke with the young men during the visit, telling them he has missed them, and will visit them now that he knows they are in the jail. Ramón also plans to follow up with the young men’s family to offer any support they may need.

We anticipate future visits to the jail, taking the opportunity to share the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ with those who are eager to receive it!