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Rice and BeansWeekly Food Distribution 

The Least of These Ministries provides either rice and beans, or a fortified rice and protein mix to several thousand people living in the bateys in the area outside Barahona. While this may not seem like much, this program has made a tremendous impact on those who benefit from this mission.  The food provides needed protein and supplements a family’s total nutritional needs. Once a month we are able to give eggs in addition to the rice and beans.  This is a special treat!

The fortified rice and protein mix is provided through a partnership with Feed My Starving Children.  They provide truckloads of this food throughout the year, and we are responsible for the cost of transporting it from the USA to the Dominican Republic, where we distribute it on a weekly basis. Our hope is to improve their health, strengthen their resolve and desire to help themselves.

We are supporting the local Dominican economy by purchasing the rice and beans in Barahona.  While the fortified rice and protein mix is provided to us free of charge by Feed My Starving Children, it is very costly to ship the container to its final destination in Barahona.

The weekly food distribution program takes a significant financial commitment from the Ministry, and is only possible through the generous donations of our supporters. Please prayerfully consider giving to support this much needed program.


IMG_7338Pouring Concrete Floors in Homes

Imagine that you live in a house with dirt floors. Next, imagine that it is the monsoon season, with extremely large amounts of rain falling. Rivers of water pour through your house, under all of the walls and turn your floors into mud pits.  That is what conditions are like for many of the families living throughout the bateys around Barahona.  Even during dry times, it is very difficult to keep personal belongings clean and sanitary with dirt floors.IMG_7225

Another project for The Least of These Ministries Mission Teams is to work with the local people to mix and pour concrete floors for many families. During just one week with a mission team of 10 to 20 people working alongside the villagers, concrete floors can be completed in as many as 12 homes!  Excitement can be felt throughout the village as the projects are completed … many fervent prayers of thank you to Jesus for providing the necessary help can be heard rising up to heaven!

Past Projects

Dominican Republic 2013 447Warehouse

In June 2011, we started work on our very own warehouse in Barahona to store  the food we distribute as well as our trucks and other equipment.  This was a large project but is necessary to help cut our expenses in the future.

Believe it or not, warehouse space is very expensive in the Dominican Republic and there are not many places available for us to safely store our supplies.

Dominican Republic 2013 053

It was a big undertaking, especially for the teams that helped with pouring the concrete roof!  Electricity was run into the building, plumbing was completed and new doors are providing security for all the precious food stored inside.

All of the mission teams from June 2011 through June 2013 worked very hard to see this project finished!  A huge thank you goes to everyone who had a hand in this project, whether you worked on the actual building itself, or sent in a donation to help cover the cost!

188Los Robles Church

Early in 2005 we started a building effort to construct a Church in  the Los Robles Batey. We found a partial building that was started years ago but was abandoned and falling apart. We decided that we could rebuild this structure and turn it into our church building.

Through many hard hours of work and God’s will, the construction was completed in 2009, and praise God, there is now a wonderful new building for those in Los Robles to worship.

There is a full-time pastor living in an apartment connected to the church. He holds weekly services at Los Robles Church and also travels around to the bateys with our food distribution team each week to preach the Gospel to the people as they wait to receive their food.


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