Posted March 17, 2021

When we began planning for this January’s Mission Team, we assumed it would be smaller than usual. Six veteran team members—three from Georgia, and three from Maryland—ventured down in mid-January on our first mission trip since February, 2020. Travel-wise, it was mostly what you would expect: masks in the airports and on the airplanes and smaller crowds at the airports. Arrival at Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo was the most organized it has been.

The decision had been made to forgo any construction-type work project, due to the small team size and Covid-19 restrictions. The purpose of this team would be to bring encouragement to our staff and the families they serve, showing them we are still partners with them in service.

With no separate work project, every team member participated in each day’s food distribution. While some helped serve the food to the residents who assembled at the respective churches, the others had the opportunity to visit families in the community. It was a joy to be able to meet new people and even visit with some friends met during a previous visit. It was a privilege to pray with and for those families, as well.

On two afternoons during the week, we showed the movie, “The Star,” to kids in the neighborhood surrounding the mission house. The animated movie tells the story of Jesus’ birth, from the perspective of animals. The kids really seemed to enjoy the movie (and the popcorn)!

Team members also visited families in two neighborhoods near the mission house, taking more opportunity to hear people’s stories and pray for them. And it is always a blessing to spend time with the ministry’s staff: Ricardo, Wilton, Ariel, Miguel, and Pastor Ramón.

There was a curfew in effect every evening beginning at 5 PM (Noon on Saturday & Sunday!), so we couldn’t have our traditional evening downtown for dinner & ice cream. The team did, however, share a lunch on the afternoon they visited the beach, and managed to fit in an ice cream visit one afternoon!

It was a different kind of mission team week, but God blessed our time together. And God reminded us that no matter how different things may look, or what things we have to do differently, He continues to be present and accomplish His work in us, through us, and around us!

If you’re interested in serving on a mission team with The Least of These Ministries, click here for information and an application.

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