January 2024 Mission Team

Posted March 5, 2024

A team of 14 from Maryland and Pennsylvania visited Barahona from January 13-20, ready to serve wherever and however needed.

The team’s primary service project was to begin work on the next phase of improvements to our Ministry Hub. The plan for this phase of the project is to construct a large multi-purpose room on one side of the existing structure. This room will serve as a meeting room for conferences and, eventually, a dining area for mission teams. Working with an engineer and a local construction crew, the team aided in the construction of a concrete block wall that runs from the front of the building to what is currently the tool room.

Team members also led bible school activities in two communities and at the mission house in Casandra. Each day, a group of team members accompanied our staff on the food distribution for that day. As part of the food distribution, team members visited residents of each of the communities.

It was exciting to host eight first-time team members in this group, several of whom are already talking about the next trip!

Enjoy the following video and photos from the weeklong trip!