Posted March 29, 2022

With a small team of seven, we traveled to Barahona in January to serve and fellowship with our staff and residents of the bateys. The team was made up of three members from Georgia and four from Maryland. All of the team members had served on prior teams, and several had served together in the past.

The team engaged in two service projects, both with the help of local workers. The first project was to put the final coat of paint on the Ministry Hub. A primer coat had been applied prior to the team’s arrival. A small team of local guys—a few of whom helped with the primer coat—did much of the painting, especially the high areas. With their help, the job was finished in the first two days.

The second project was to build a bathroom outside the church at Los Robles. Again, local workers did the bulk of this work, with our team providing support along the way. The team spent a day and a half with this project. The local workers will finish the project.

While working in Los Robles, the team also held a Bible School for the kids!

As is our tradition, the team enjoyed some recreation mid-week, taking a half day off from work. We enjoyed a special lunch and time at a local pool with many of our local staff and helpers. It was a great opportunity to catch up on their lives and show them our support! That evening, the team enjoyed a meal at a new restaurant in downtown Barahona, followed by ice cream!

On Friday, the team visited the ministry of a couple in the Cacique community of Barahona. Roberto and Adonai introduced their ministry to us and shared some activities with the children. Following their activities, they invited the team to share in their snack time with the kids.

On Monday through Thursday, members of the team accompanied staff on the food distribution. Team members were able to assist in serving the food and had the opportunity to visit families in the communities.

Mission teams are a great way to see the work God is doing through this ministry. Why not join us on a team soon?

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