Posted June 21, 2022

Something interesting that you may not know is that The Least of These Ministries conducts our ministry work in the Dominican Republic as a DR-registered non-profit organization. Wanting to operate under a name in the local language of Spanish, our leadership in the DR suggested “Ministerio Para Los Más Pobres” when the organization was registered there many years ago. The name translates to “Ministry for the poorest.”

That name certainly captures the essence of our mission in the Dominican Republic: to serve the “least of these,” the poorest of the poor. In recent years, however, we’ve come to realize the name is not very dignifying to the people we serve. Imagine being reminded week after week, when the truck rolls into the community to deliver food, that you are considered “the poorest.” In that light, our team in the Dominican Republic led by Ricardo, in conjunction with our Board of Directors, has changed the legal name under which we will operate in the DR.

In the very near future, our ministry in the DR will operate under the name of “Ministerio Cristiano Amor Y Esperanza”—in English, “Love & Hope Christian Ministry.” We believe this name conveys our mission to share the love of God through fellowship and the distribution of nutritious food in His name, and the hope of the gospel message with individuals and families in the communities we serve.

It is customary in the country for organizations and agencies to be known by an acronym. Ours will be known as “MICAE.”

In many of the communities we serve, our ministry is known as “La Librita.” This translates to “The Little Pound,” referring to the food provided to the families.

This change will only be effective in the Dominican Republic. Our U.S. organization will continue to operate as The Least of These Ministries. Likewise, the change will not impact the focus or day-to-day service of our ministry to the many families in the 14 bateys in which our team serves. The new name will simply be more representative of the ministry we are already performing.

Please pray for the DR staff as they transition to the new name, and pray that God will use the new name as one more way to reach people in these communities with His message of hope and salvation. If you have any questions or feedback on this change, please reach out to us.

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