Profile: Pastor Jack

Posted June 21, 2022

This is the fifth in a series of profiles on Pastors and church leaders in the bateys served by The Least of These Ministries.

Batey Algodon is located several miles outside the city of Barahona, just off the main highway that leads to Santo Domingo. Home to an estimated 150-175 families, it is one of the smaller communities served by The Least of These Ministries.

When Steve Hull began the program in 1997 to provide rice & beans to families in the bateys outside of Barahona, Batey Algodon was one of the first  communities included. The church with which we have partnered in Algodon is led by Pastor Jack, whom Steve met during one of his early visits to the area.

Jack, now age 58, has led the church since being called to become a Pastor 38 years ago. “In the year 1984, during my work cutting sugar cane, God made a revelation to me that I should go to Batey Algodon and raise a church. At that moment I obeyed God and raised the first church in this community.” Jack recalls that the call was very challenging for him because he had little knowledge of the bible, and could neither read nor write, “but I had confidence that God had a plan for my life and this community.”

He goes on to say that he miraculously learned how to read and write: “I can say with pride that God taught me to read and write!” He thanks God that he is able to read the bible today and share the gospel message and biblical truths with many in his community. “By listening to the voice of God, today I can see the result of everything. We have more than 200 active members in our church, glory to God!”

Jack is married to Soila, and together they have three grown children: Brudilio, age 44; Keila, age 38; and Cristal, age 30.
“I am very grateful to God for everything he has given me.”

“I can also thank God because I was present with Steve Hull when God called him to create the food program for the poorest. This ministry has been helping my community for many years, distributing food, evangelizing, and now helping us grow as pastors.” Jack is one of the core group of pastors who regularly attend the training meetings provided to church leaders in the 14 communities served by the ministry.

Please pray for Pastor Jack, his ministry in Batey Algodon,
and his family.

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