Profile: Pastor Leonardo, Batey Santa Maria

Posted April 30, 2023

This is the sixth in a series of profiles on Pastors and church leaders in the bateys served by The Least of These Ministries.

At only 31 years old, Leonardo is one of the youngest pastors in the area. He is the Pastor of El Eden Church in the Santa Maria community, where he and his leadership team host our Food Distribution program.

Leonardo is a student at the public university, majoring in Physical Education. He chose this degree because he is a sports fan. His favorite sport is basketball. Leonardo and his wife, Rafaela, have two children: Yonailing, 4 years old, and Roniel, 1 year old.

“My family and the community are very grateful for the food program and the pastoral help. I know many people whose only food to eat is from the food program. This program has been a blessing for our community and we know for others, also. We will continue praying that God continues to bless the communities through this ministry.”