Remembering Steve Hull: Andy Hood

This is the first in a series of reflections on our founder, Steve Hull, who passed away on November 18, 2019.

Posted December 11, 2020
(Originally appeared in our December 2019 Newsletter)

I first met Steve when I was helping to wire his Quality Glass Building in Westminster.  I had no idea at that time how he would impact my life.  It wasn’t until several years later that I found myself sitting in a pew at church listening to Steve talk about his ministry in the D.R.  Once his talk was over, I looked at my wife and said “I’m going on one of his mission trips” and for the next sixteen or so years, that is just what I did.

There was something that stood out with Steve that was captivating.  The way he would play with the children after a long hot day; the way he would talk and laugh with the ladies in the kitchen when half the time, no one knew what the other was saying; the way he led the teams and made sure that everybody got to go on the rice & beans truck; the way he conducted the circle time and devotions in the evenings; the stories that he would share with all of us.  But most importantly, the way he loved and served his Lord, Jesus Christ.

I will never forget all of the long talks we shared about the many projects such as the church in Los Robles, the children, the warehouse, the concrete floors, the Sunday School rooms, the wells and fresh drinking water and the fact that the children no longer have pot bellies and snotty noses but can now live to grow up to be whatever God’s vision for them is. I was able to witness firsthand how Steve obeyed God’s voice to “Feed His People.” 

Well done good and faithful servant.  It has been an honor to know Steve and to work with him in the ministry for so many years.  I will never forget that smile and those great big hugs.  Thank you for loving me and showing me God’s love.  I will miss you dearly. —Andy Hood