Posted March 30, 2022

In early 2020,  Melita developed a disease that her doctors were unable to diagnose. She had gone from having an active life, taking care of her family and her home to being bedridden, with little or no strength.

Melita lives with her husband, Fekiz, and their four children. They have one son, age 17, and three daughters, ranging in age from three to 14. They have lived in Batey 9—where Fekiz works as a tailor—for 17 years.

Melita recalls days when she would fear that she may never walk again, and would question why she—as a Christian—would be faced with this adversity. “But I rebuked any negative thought in my mind, because I believe in God and I know he  will heal me from this illness,” Melita told Wilton Gomez, our Director of Evangelism and Social Action. Melita said that her Pastor, Alexandra, would frequently visit her, and would send rice, beans, and eggs from the program. “That was a relief for my family.”

Melita (second from left, in back) with her husband, Fekiz (first from left) and children.

She says that one day when she “felt in my heart” that she would be healed, “a group of missionaries from the food and evangelism program visited me.” The visitors were members of our January 2021 Mission Team. Melita continued, “They entered my house and spoke to me about the word of God, and prayed for my illness. I felt so much faith on their part…. I could feel that God was working in my life.” Melita told Wilton from that day on, she began to improve day by day. “Today I can say thanks to God and to the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I am healthy.”

Melita continued, “Thank you for your prayers and for your gift of food that reaches many families, especially mine. It is very helpful.”

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