October 15, 2018

In July, we were blessed to host two mission teams! The first team—Ron, Jenny, and Dakota Lytle from Morgantown, WV—constructed an office in our warehouse and led a Bible School in Batey Los Robles. Dakota stayed for the second week, joined by a group of 15 from Westminster (MD) United Methodist Church and two young ladies from Hagerstown, MD.

The second team worked in Batey Altagracia. The team installed concrete floors in five homes and put a new concrete sub-floor in the church. Church members were planning to install a new ceramic tile floor after the team left. The team also led Bible School on three of the days, participated in the daily food distribution in other bateys, and spent a lot of time loving the kids in Altagracia!

It was a pretty rainy week, which impacted the work progress and made for some muddy treks through the batey. On a positive note, the clouds and rain kept the temperatures lower than typical July days!

About half of the team members were youth, which is always an encouraging thing to see! These young people (and their adult teammates) served well, stayed positive despite less than perfect conditions, and shared Jesus throughout it all.

Please enjoy the following photos from our July teams.

Are you interested in serving? Click here for information and a team application!