Posted August 31, 2020

Just over one year ago, Soenny received an invitation that changed her life.

Soenny and her family live in Batey 2, one of the communities served by The Least of These Ministries. There, she and her husband, Carlos, are raising their son and her three young nieces.

In June of 2019, a group led by local pastors in the batey and our Outreach Director, Wilton Gomez, held an event in Batey 2 to promote a return to the value of the family. The event, which was covered in our August 2019 newsletter, was intended to encourage community members to solve local issues by first strengthening their own families through a relationship with Jesus.

As Wilton and Pastor Estela walked through the community with a crowd of children, they approached a home where loud bachata music was playing. They stopped to ask the resident of the home, Soenny, to lower the volume of the music during the event which was to be held in the nearby ball field. Wilton then invited Soenny to come to the event, and the group continued walking to the field.

Recounting the day recently, Wilton said, “All the community was giving attention to the activity, but on that day, Jesus touched the life of a woman.” Wilton continued, “A few days later, a woman talked to Pastor Estela and expressed how Jesus spoke to her during the activity, and she accepted Jesus that day. The name of that woman is Soenny.”

Soenny with her son and three nieces.

Since that day, Soenny has been a faithful member of Pastor Estela’s church, Casa de Gracia. She has been active in the women’s group of the church and says that Jesus has been changing her life in a special way. Soenny told Wilton, “After you came, I became a Christian, I converted, and I am following the steps to the Lord.”

Six months after the event, Soenny’s husband also accepted Jesus. He is a police officer and spends a lot of time away from the community for his job. However, he tries to be active in a church in the area where he is stationed.
The four children have also become active in the church, participating in bible school, and singing for the church.

When Wilton recently visited Soenny, she told him, “Now more than ever we need to get close to God, because we are seeing that the end is near. I thank you, and we are hoping in God that you return, we are waiting with open arms. Thank you.” We thank God for the work He is doing in this family! Please pray that Soenny and her family will continue to grow in their faith, and that through their changed lives, others will come to know Jesus.